Simple Apple Notes, but on the web

I liked the simplicity of jotting down thoughts on Apple Notes. I also liked how Twitter was a nice feed of my thoughts. I wanted my notes accessible everywhere (I'm definitely not logging into my Apple account on my work laptop.)

So I combined both.

Scroll down for a list of features.

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Simple notes called "droplets" where you can use keyboard shortcuts for rich text formatting (like bold).

Slash commands and intuitive shorthand for tables and lists. ([ ] = checkbox)

Tags for easy categorization. You can click on multiple tags to add them together in a droplet flow. Just try it. It's intuitive.

Sub-categories through dot notation. Instead of folders, I use dot notation. Example: I have a "health" tag and a "health.nutrition" tag for sub-categories.

I use Sparksnip to jot down my thoughts, store bookmarks, create lists, follow to-dos, and more.

For example, I have `todo.dailies` for my daily checklist and `todo.monthlies` for my monthly goals.

In my opinion, though, Sparksnip does not replace Notion, Google Docs, Obsidian, etc. It's a tool that works alongside them.

For example, when I have a certain topic in mind for my blog, I save things to an associated tag that I feel are relevant to it.

Planned Features

I have no idea when I'll get to these but these are current pain points in my own usage.

Better image dropping (it's only enabled for me for now, in case someone tries to use Sparksnip as an image host).

Droplet search

Tag search

Mobile app so I can save things directly through the Share Sheet

Chrome extension for easy saving

Share droplet flows

Share specific droplets

Copy droplets into HTML, Markdown, and just text

Pinned droplets

My life's work is not a note-taking app. So it'd be nice to have an ability to build extensions for Sparksnip so that other people can just build what they want right on top, without killing the experience for other users.

You can email me at leo at if you want to get in touch.